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Start of the event: 2018. 01. 20. (Saturday) 19.00

At a busy railway station a woman glimpses an old man and all of a sudden she hugs and kisses him. Alex, the butcher in his seventies and Georgie, the waitress in her forties start a conversation. Slowly they realize that against all logic and social conventions they have something to do with each other. The meeting changes their lives utterly and finally they undertake a big journey to catch up with the missed opportunities of their lives...

The title Werner Heisenberg refers to the German physicist who worked out the uncertainty principle. The principle states that certain physical properties can be determined only to a certain limit at the same time and precisely. So the more precisely one property is determined the less precise its momentum is.

The British playwright is one of the most exciting contemporary theatrical writers. Two of his plays, Harper Regan and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time have been staged in Hungary. His latest play is performed in Hungarian for the first time by the Orlai Production.


Mónika Ullmann

Miklós Benedek

Writer: Simon Stephens
Translator: Gergely Zöldi
Set design-costume: Balázs Cziegler
Graphic: László Csáfordi
Director’s Assistant: Zsuzsa Szakács
Director: Máté Szabó
Producer: Tibor Orlai 

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